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RE-Charge and RE-Connect

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RE-Charge and RE-Connect

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NOV 3rd

1:45 PM

Why Are You Here? This Trail Was Made For You by Christian Lentz, Nate Clair and Brandon Boydstun

Many distinct trail types can exist within a community - for varying purposes, interests and users.  Learn about diverse multi-purpose trail typologies and the unique design and construction considerations that can influence how you build your community’s trails system.

100 Level Course: Inclusive Playspace Design by Clint Pitzer
Creating play spaces for all Playgrounds are a place for play and learning, where children develop physical and cognitive skills, and where they build valuable social relationships. It’s about creating spaces where all kids can explore in a variety of settings, addressing a variety of interests, senses and skills. This education session will provide an overview of the 10-step process—from connecting community members to planning, designing, promoting and funding—to develop an inclusive playspace.

Introduction to Esports by Tyler Gray
Learn about the basic fundamentals of esports, beginning programming, and setting up.

3:15 PM

Fit and Strong! class in your Recreation Center by Shannon Willis and Patten Ashley
Fit & Strong! is a community-based, physical activity program. It uses flexibility and strength training, aerobic walking, and health education to promote behavior change in people with osteoarthritis.  Here at Mustang Parks and Recreation and have received 2 grants to present this class in person and remotely through zoom.  Every recreation center needs this class!  We want to present what this class is, how to get certified to teach this class, how you can be a licensed facility to hold this class, and a brief demo of some of the exercises.

Leveraging Beer, Wine, & Spirit Tourism by Michael Bradley

The growth of local breweries, wineries, and distilleries continued through a tough economic period. With changing laws, financial incentives, and changing trends in consumption, the growth of this sector is expected.  This session will present and discuss how local communities can support and attract these businesses and understand the economic, sense of place, and tourism benefits available.

NOV 4th

9:00 AM

Get Your Nature Fix! by Ruslan Asahan, Idalmi Deleon, Avery Geist, Mackenzie Goings, Jace Schara, Jamie Dunnington, & Kevin Fink
“Get Your Nature Fix!” is an experiential session connecting you to the outdoors. The benefits of experiencing nature and a discussion of barriers to, and solutions for, experiencing the outdoors personally and in the greater community will be spotlighted. Attendees will leave with nature resources for connecting community members.

Ditch Your Management Style (and Adopt a Leadership Philosophy) by Jason Mangum
How can we steer the ship, when we are too busy keeping it afloat? Leadership often takes a back-seat to daily management tasks.   Explore how to develop a leadership philosophy that will guide your team at all levels of your organization.

Using Drones for Better Parks and Recreation by Michael Bradley and Neal Ray
Drones are becoming more popular as tools to help parks and recreation professionals manage and market their parks and program. Understanding how drones are used in our profession is important, but just as important is understanding the legal parameters for their use. 

10:30 AM




RE-Charge and RE-Connect by Jason Mangum
Now is the time to recharge, and reconnect to our communities, our profession, and our teams.


USTA SERVE's you so that you can SERVE your community! by Laura Puryear
Whether you are looking to grow and market the tennis programs that you offer, enhance your local facilities, train and develop staff or optimize how you manage tennis courts and communicate with your customers, we are here to SERVE you!

Esports and How Communities Can Get Involved by Michael Wisnios
Come discover what esports are and why it is quickly becoming a stable of recreation. In addition, hear more about what it would take for you to get involved with esports and how easy it can be!

Your Team is Not as Messed Up as You Think: Lessons from the Titans by Jason Mangum
Having a dynamic team is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for the success of your organization. Unfortunately, vibrant teams don’t just ‘happen’ it takes careful planning, leadership and knowledge of how teams grow and develop over time. 


The Past, Present & Future of Playgrounds for Active Play and Community Health by Kristin Seifried
In this session, participants will learn about the history of dedicated outdoor public spaces for playgrounds, discuss current trends in outdoor playground spaces, and imagine future possibilities to support active play and community health.

A Strong Towns Approach to Complete Parks by Christian Lentz and Matt Bucchin
Learn about what makes a Complete Park and how well-designed and maintained parks contribute to community wealth. This session demonstrates how the Strong Towns approach to park investment fosters transformational changes in the redevelopment and operations of municipal parks.

How to Provide Sports Competition for Adults 50+ in Your Community by Kathleen Fitzgerald
This presentation will provide a blueprint for creating age and gender grouped sports and creative arts competitions for adults 50+ in your local area with support from the Oklahoma Senior Games.



VIP Program Planning by Chris Lucas
Want to master the art of programming?  During this presentation, you will learn how to create a budget, conduct market analysis, develop marketing/communication plans, discover how to find niche audiences and much more!  You are only steps away from the perfect program!

Virtual Programming... Yes, You Can Do It! by JT Darling
This presentation will outline various ways to pivot your traditional programming options within your parks agency to virtual platforms. Here we will discuss various computer programs, apps, and activities to help provide a safer, more socially-distant friendly, recreation opportunities for your patrons.


Case Study of Ruby Grant Park:  The Benefits of Inclusive Design (Tour) by Nick Whisenhunt and Justin Long

Discuss the benefits of an inclusive playground design and how it impacts the community. On-site discussion detailing the features and benefits of Ruby Grant inclusive design and the impact engaging the community has on the success of the project.

(Transportation to Ruby Grant will be provided if needed)

Uncommon trends are now common by Craig Dishman & Cynthia Allen

So many items are becoming more and more common in our industry. More residents are becoming more engaged in community affairs, we are learning that to work through diversity practices that might mean something different to all of us. Join us for a group discussion and learn how we can all be successful in these scenarios.

New Ideas For Increasing Revenue by Josh Holman
Increase your bottom line with new ideas in revenue generation.  A panel of speakers will briefly discuss ideas for increasing profits with new products, new programs and special events. Attendees will then have the opportunity to share their successes, learn from their peers and gain insight into generating more revenue while keeping costs down.




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